What Is The Best Website Hosting Service For Your Site

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What Is The Best website Hosting Service For Your Site

What is the best website hosting service for your site? If you are going to have a website you really want to be using the best hosting service for your site. First let me say that this is a fairly long post but I wanted to provide you with as much value and insight as I can so you can make the best choice for your site.

What exactly is website hosting? Websites are made up of a bunch of files such as images, HTML & CSS files along with a lot of other file types. All of these files need to be stored on a server which is basically a powerful computer.

Website hosting companies have lots of these servers connected to the internet and running 24-7. They make their money by charging you to keep or host your website files on their servers.

What Makes A Great Website Hosting Provider

What makes a great website hosting provider? Well there are a few things that make a great website hosting provider including server up-time, cost, allowed space, and software they provide such as CPanel & WordPress. However the two most important factors that I consider would be website speed and customer support.

Obviously customer support is one of the top things to consider when choosing a web hosting provider. Now you may be thinking but if they are good then they should’t need any customer support, but trust me on this.

While you may never need it that one time that you do, you will want the best customer service you can get. Time is money!

As for website speed a lot of people over look this and assume all web hosting companies are the same. Wrong! They are very different, let me explain.

Website Hosting Speed Matters

Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money chances are your web hosting account will be a shared hosting plan. That means your website will be on the same server as a lot of other websites. The more sites on a server the more bogged down it can get.

For example if your site is on a server with websites that get a lot of traffic and use up a lot of server resources, that’s less resources for your site. This impacts your sites load time and can dramatically slow down your site. Ultimately hurting user experience and Google rankings. Website Hosting Speed Matters.

Your websites loading time plays a big role in user experience and Google rankings! That’s right Google looks at load times and places sites that load faster higher in the search rankings. For that fact I consider site speed a top priority when it comes to web hosting providers.

Now that you know what makes a great website hosting provider lets get to the real question. What is the best website hosting service for your site?

SiteGround Is The #1 Web Hosting Company

By far SiteGround is the #1 web hosting company hands down and I have proof. Okay quick disclaimer… I am an affiliate and make a commission if you were to purchase a hosting account plan through one of my affiliate links. There’s no additional cost to you.

However I’m not promoting SiteGround just to make a commission. I’m promoting them because they are the best. I have first hand experience as they are the same hosting provider that is hosting this site and you can see for yourself how fast it loads!

AWebLife.com hosted on Siteground

How To Check Your Website Load Times

If you have never heard of GTMetrics or Pingdom they are great resources to check your sites load times and are free to use. Here is a screenshot of this sites Speed score from GTMetrics

GTMetrics Speed Test Score

and another from tools.Pingdom.

Pingdom Speed Test Score

As you can see this site loads fast considering all the content and images that have to load. Don’t just trust the images above, browse around the site and see for yourself how fast the pages load.

Yes I’m a big fan of SiteGround and not only do I use them but I highly recommend them. I’ve been developing websites for over 10 years now and have worked with a lot of different hosting companies including HostMonster, GoDaddy, BlueHost, DreamHost, HostGator to name a few and none of them come close to the service you get with SiteGround.

Need more proof? No problem I’m just getting started. I’ll go into more detail about some of the other hosting providers in a bit but first check out some of these Facebook polls.

SiteGround is rated the #1 host in more then 30 Facebook polls!

SiteGround is rated the #1 host provider in more then 30 Facebook polls! I’ll admit I’m no writer and sometimes visuals can paint a clearer picture. Below are some screenshots of 30+ Facebook polls for the best web hosting providers.

Wow that’s a lot of polls. SiteGround hasn’t just been the #1 web hosting provider this year but over the last few years as these polls show.

WordPress Recommends SiteGround

The worlds most used web platform, WordPress recommends SiteGround as a preferred web hosting provider. The screenshot below is a blurb taken from WordPress’s site.

WordPress recommends Siteground

SiteGround offers incredibly fast 24/7 advanced WordPress support. This is where SiteGround really stands above the rest. If you are not already using WordPress as your content management system then you are missing out and should incorporate it now.

WordPress makes designing your site a lot simpler and easier. With the ability to add themes and plugins, your possibilities are endless. Google is also very fond of WordPress sites as they are generally better SEO Optimized.

Endorsed and Used by Yoast

Speaking of WordPress plugins and SEO, Yoast who created one of the top SEO plugins for WordPress (Yoast SEO) uses SiteGround as their web hosting provider. Below is a screenshot from their Twitter account. I’ll be writing an article up on my top WordPress themes and plugins soon.

Yoast uses Siteground

Is It Worth Switching From Another Hosting Provider

If you already have a web hosting provider then you might be thinking “Is it worth switching from another hosting provider?”. Let me assure you it is! SiteGround makes migrating from another hosting provider super simple and easy. They pretty much do the work for you. Below are some screen grabs from people who have migrated from other hosting providers and wanted to share their results.

Free Site Migration

SiteGround also offers Free site migration with their GrowBig plan and anything higher. It’s the package I used and am currently on as I migrated from HostGator and couldn’t be happier. Zero downtime, zero errors, & super simple.

I personally recommend the GrowBig plan for most clients even if you plan on only hosting one website. The unlimited domains, extra space, extra bandwidth, & caching features are worth it. Plus it has the free site migration and advanced on-demand backups which can come in handy.

SiteGrounds Cons

It’s true like everything, SiteGround does have a few cons. Their biggest con is their renewal prices are a bit on the higher side compared to their competitors, however you get what you pay for. If you are running your site like a business then think of it as an investment not an expense.

The other con that I hear is their limited CPU coverage which is basically their bandwidth allowance. Instead of listing a maximum amount bandwidth they give you a number of monthly users.

For example with the GrowBig plan you are allowed around 25,000 monthly visitors. However this can vary if your site uses a lot of bandwidth per user. There are ways to help reduce your sites resources if need be and i’ll go over this in another post.

On the hand their competitors promote unlimited bandwidth. This is 100% misleading and in my opinion false advertisement. Their competitors are known for throttling or shutting down sites without warning once your sites reaches a certain bandwidth usage. This is not only bad for your visitors but can hurt your Google rankings.

At Siteground if you exceed your resource limits they will send you warnings and even help you optimize to reduce resources. If you are getting that much traffic it might be better to just upgrade your plan. Again consider it a business investment if your business is growing so should your site.

SiteGrounds Plans & Features

Lets take a look at some of SiteGrounds Plans & Features. SiteGround offers 3 main plans StartUp, GrowBig, & GoGeek. While the StartUp Plan is the cheapest it also offers the less. It only allows hosting for 1 website and offers a lot of the same great features that the others have.

As I mentioned earlier if your site is a business then think of this as an investment and plan ahead. That’s why I recommend the GrowBig plan as it allows you to do more now and down the road. Then again if your budget will only allow you to get the StartUp plan, it’s still a great investment.

The GrowBig plan offers unlimited hosting which means you can host as many website domains as you want under one account. The GrowBig plan also offers twice the space and twice as many resources which allows for faster site load times. Free site migration, staging, 3 levels of caching, and on-demand backups really make this plan worth the money.

If your site is already well established and generating 20,000+ monthly visitors then the GoGeek plan might be a better option. The GoGeek plan is also better suited for eCommerce websites with the PIC compliant servers. You would also be getting about 4 times as many server resources, so a lot faster load times. You’ll also pay a bit more for this service especially when it comes time to renew your plan.

Siteground Web Hosting Plans

SiteGround also offers Cloud hosting and dedicated servers both offering more resources for your site and faster load times but at a much steeper price. These options are for sites that get crazy traffic such as 100,000+ monthly visitors.

A few of SiteGrounds’ features that in my opinion stand out above the others.

  • SSD Storage
  • Free CDN
  • SuperCacher
  • Real 99.99% Uptimes
  • Uses PHP 7+
  • 24/7 Amazingly Fast Support
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Staging (GrowBig+ Plans)
  • Free Site Transfer (GrowBig+ Plans)
  • Advanced On-demand Backup (GrowBig+ Plans)

Sitegrounds Sever Uptimes = 99.99% (Really)

While other hosting providers claim 99.99% they fail to deliver. I left HostMonster for that reason and have had sites down on BlueHost, HostGator, and GoDaddy as well. SiteGround has cutting edge UpTime Technology that gives them the advantage. Not once has my site been down sense switching to SiteGround.

SiteGround used technology such as Linus Containers, Pro-Active Server Monitoring, Unique Anti-Bot AI, and Secure Account Isolation. Read more about their advance Uptime Technology .

SiteGround vs BlueHost, HostGator, HostMonster

If you’ve done any research on web hosting I’m sure you’ve come across a few of these names. They offer really cheap web hosting and even include a free domain name. For only a few dollars a month you get unlimited Everything! This also includes unlimited problems.

By the way you can get a domain name super cheap if you do a Google search for GoDaddy coupons. Just don’t sign up for their hosting.

Did you know that BlueHost, HostGator, & HostMonster are all owned by the same company? Endurance International Group also known as EIG is a large corporation that buys out web hosting companies and does everything they can to cut costs to turn a profit.

This includes adding a lot more websites per server, causing them to run a lot slower. Eliminating staff members and tech support so you spend most of your time on hold or being passed around instead of getting quality support. Below is a list of some of the companies they have acquired. You can get an updated list here.

List of web hosting companies owned by EIG

Maybe you used one of these hosting companies and have never had an issues. If so that’s great but you might want to do a speed test on your site. You can run a quick and free website speed test on Pingdom. Be sure to scroll down to the file requests section and look at the Wait bar (It’s in yellow).

Anything under 300ms and you are in the top 20% of most sites. If your server is under 220ms then you are in the top 10% of sites. This site averages between 220ms – 250ms.

My Finial Thoughts On What Is The Best Web Hosting Service For Your Site

My finial thoughts on what is the best web hosting service for your site remains the same SiteGround. Again I do make a commission if you order a plan through one of my affiliate links and I do greatly appreciate it! I wrote this article to give you valuable information so you could make a more informative decision.

Even if you don’t want to use my affiliate link here is a direct link to SiteGround’s website as I still recommend them to you. They are the in my opinion and many others the best in the business.

As far as picking the best plan, that really depends on the number of monthly visitors your site generates. If you are about the start your first site then I would recommend the GrowBig plan.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me or even better leave a comment below. Comments are a great way to help other readers who might have the same question.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What different hosting companies have I worked with?
    • Over the years having been a web developer for clients I’ve worked with HostMonster, HostGator, DreamHost, BlueHost, iPage, GoDaddy & SiteGround. SiteGround is the only web host I use now.
  • How do you install WordPress on SiteGround?
    • To install WordPress on SiteGround, simply login into your SiteGround dashboard and click on the WordPress autoinstaller found in the second row of options. I’ll create a video & post on this soon.
  • How much does SiteGround Cost?
    • As of this writing, SiteGround StartUp plan costs $3.95 a month, the GrowBig plan costs $11.95 a month, and the GoGeek plan costs 11.95 a month. These prices are for the 1-3 year contracts and I highly recommend getting the 3 year contract to save you a lot of money.
  • Does SiteGround offer HTTPS or SSL
    • SiteGround offers Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates which gives your sites the secure protocol extension HTTPS to your sites.
  • Can you transfer your domain to SiteGround.
    • Yes. While I honestly never have you can transfer your domains to SiteGround. I personally buy all my domains through GoDaddy and recommend everyone else do the same. I’ll explain why in future post.
  • What is the difference between SiteGround’s Web Hosting and their WordPress Hosting accounts.
    • Nothing they are the same just different marketing.

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