Hello and Welcome to AWebLife.com. My story is short and simple.

My name is Scott Malouin and I’ve been developing web sites for well over 15 years now, mostly as a hobby and as a career for the last 8 years.

I’ve created a number of blogs over the years and while I had some success here and there it was nothing really to brag about. The problem was they were all topics I wasn’t really interested in and mainly created them to generate income. Most were product review sites using Amazon affiliates and Google Adsense to make money.

Really enjoyed the creating part but then went it came to actually writing the content I quickly became board and moved on to the next project.

Knew it was time for a change and seems how I have a passion for creating web sites figured I could do more good by helping others create their online space and maybe help them generate income or at least a way to express themselves online.

Even better thanks to my hosting company being an affiliate partner I found a way to help others at no cost to them! Getting paid to help others for free is an Awesome Deal! And here we are =)