What’s Up! I’m Scott. Here to write some tutorials and help you setup and optimize your Divi WordPress site! Along with some awesome SEO tips for better Google rankings.


WordPress is so much more than a blogging platform it’s one of the best content manament systems on the interent. The options are unlimited from ecommerce to branding sites to even online databases. What type of site are you looking to make? Lets make it on WordPress!


What better software to complement WordPress than the worlds #1 theme Divi. Divi is a theme and a page builder in one and makes creating news sites not only easy but fun! Trusted, Reliable, Fast, and always improving while adding new features.

SEO and Web Hosting

SEO & Hosting

SEO & Web Hosting go hand in hand. Did you know that having a great hosting provider can improve your SEO scores? It’s true. Take for example that your site is on an over crowded hosting server and loads very slowly. Bye bye rankings.

Learn how to build a WordPress Website using Divi

If you are interested I’m here to help teach you how to create some amazing looking websites using WordPress and Divi. You might even learn a few SEO tricks long the way. Now if you would rather just hire me, that’s cool to!

A few nice words from recent clients!

Having used Upwork for years I’ve had results across the range – working with Scott has been at the very top – great communication, responsive, high quality work. He is at the top of my list now when I need things done in this area. I don’t see how it could have been any better. My job is complete and looks great. You can’t go wrong in choosing him.

– Leon Zak

What a stellar experience! Scott is not only highly skilled in Word Press, he is highly responsive, easy to communicate with and completed the project faster than anticipated. He is very professional yet friendly and easy to work with. I definitely hope to work with him again on future projects!

– Monica

Scott was great from the get-go. Great problem solver and got the job done way ahead of schedule. I would definitely use Scott again for my projects.

– Anthony


Even though we only had a conference call, Ayesha was super nice and you could tell she is well organized. Knew the right questions to ask and understandable concerns. I would highly recommend working with her.

– Ayesha

Scott took the reigns from the get go. Scott made a suggestion that took my project to the next level. He suggested that we move away from an Excel based platform to a web based platform. By doing this, Scott made my project much easier to use by cutting data entry in half, integrating data from other web sites to my project and simplifying the process for my clients. Well done, Scott. Thank you! Couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

– Jeff Rarick

Scott was excellent in all aspects of this project. He was pro-actively helpful in taking care of the requested items plus he took time to suggest other avenues. He’s been available to communicate in various, suitable channels to make the work more nimble and easy to take on. He’s truly an expert in WordPress, Divi and web development in general. I’d recommend him again and again.

– Aaron Wood

In a nutshell, I could not have completed this project without Scott. I posted the contract and had several responses. I emailed them all back asking and answering their initial questions. 50% of the people who I emailed took several days to get back to me – that’s not a positive sign. Scott’s reply was very prompt (within an hour or two) and resonated the most with me. Not only did he help me put together my WordPress site from scratch but he also tutored me so I was empowered to keep going once the project was over. Although he is an expert in WordPress, we still ran into some theme specific issues that seemed to have no solution. Scott went above and beyond and did additional research as well as reach out to the theme vendor and figured out an optimal solution when I wasn’t sure there was a solution to be had. He was very easy to work with and adapted to my working style and schedule. We had several 1-2 hour working sessions over a 2 week period and he never missed or rescheduled a single one which helped me stay on schedule. He’s friendly, smart, honest and articulate. I’ll be working with him again in a week or two for phase 2 of the project. There are lots of people out there who do what Scott does but many of them are lacking the communication, commitment and “get-it-done” skills that will help you get your project completed. Scott has the whole package.

– Scout Stevenson


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